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The Livingstones
Livingstones Pose
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Female ♀
Also known as: The L's,
Mr./Mrs. L (citation needed)
Species: Human
Age: Mr. L: 40
Mrs. L: 39
Friends: Washington (pet),
Sam (pet),
Eugenie (pet),
Suzie (pet),
Victoria (pet)
Enemies: Mitch
Relatives: TBD
Occupation: Pet Owners
First Appearance: "Bye-Bye Bathtime"
Voice: Mr: Matthew Guéczy
Mrs: Sharon Mann (English)
Mr: Nessym Guetat
Mrs: Natacha Muller (French)

Color Scheme
skin cloth eye pants

The Livingstones are the original owners of Victoria, and later Washington, Sam, Eugenie, and Suzie. Pilot episode "Bye-Bye Bathtime" revealed that Mr. and Mrs. Livingstone live in a yellow house in the city of San Francisco.


"Who can resist us? Not the Livingstones, that's for sure."
Washington on The Livingstones

The Livingstones love pet animals as said by Washington in the opening credits.

Physical Appearance



"Fetch, Wash, Fetch!"
— Mr. Livingstone[source]

  • The Livingstones, most especially Mr. L, treat Washington like the other ordinary pet dogs. They play fetch, do tricks with him.
  • Whenever Washington did something good as a dog, Mr. L would take a picture of his accomplishment. (Rained In)






Mr. Livingstone

Mrs. Livingstone


The image gallery for The Livingstones may be viewed here.

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