"Meet Mitch"
Season 1, Episode 15
Episode Information
Written by: Erik Wiese
Storyboard by: Unknown
Directed by: Lionel Allaix
Broadcast Information
Air date: July 8, 2015 (France)
Not available
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Sick as a (Fox Dressed Like a) Dog Welcome to the Doghouse
I know! We'll go to the forest to take a wildlife photo.

— Mr. Livingstone

Meet Mitch is the fifteenth episode of Season 1.


Mr. Livingstone wants to take a family portrait and decides that the ideal spot is the forest.


The Livingstones want to take a family photo with all of their pets, but in the forest! There, Washington and Sam have to deal with the big brown bear that they have known before, Mitch.

Major Characters

Minor Characters



  • When Mitch shouted and the Livingstones and their pets drove home, the lane where they were driving their car is on the left, instead of the right.


The image gallery for the episode "Meet Mitch" may be viewed here.

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