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Season 1, Episode 13
Episode Information
Written by: Pierre-Gilles Stehr
Storyboard by: Unknown
Directed by: Nima Azarba
Broadcast Information
Air date: April 5, 2015 (France)
Not available
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Master Bedroom Sick as a (Fox Dressed Like a) Dog
A cat stuck on a tree? Now, that's video gold!

— Mr. Washington

GoofTube is the thirteenth episode of Season 1.


Sam is now a celebrity in the neighborhood and his ego rises to the occasion.


Sam became a star after Mr. Washington recorded him climbing up a tree and fell down and uploaded the video online. Meanwhile, Washington liked to be famous too and the two competed among themselves as to who really is the star. In the end, they decided that both of them are stars. After that, Eugenie and Suzie's video of Eugenie sleeping in a funny way became viral.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


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