We're going on vacation!

Mr. Livingstone

"August Fur-Low"
Season 1, Episode 27
Episode Information
Written by: Daryle Conners,
Marya Sea Kaminski
Storyboard by: Unknown
Directed by: Philippe Leconte
Broadcast Information
Air date: TBA (France)
Not available
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Going Postal Boar to be Wild

August Fur-Low is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 1.


It's vacation time for The Livingstones and the Wild Ones couldn't be more excited.


The Livingstones were packing, and so were their pets.

When Washington and the others find out that they are going to the vet to be dropped off, their were scared, except for Victoria, who said that staying there is awesome.

When they arrived at the vet clinic, the vet carried the pets to a room. Washington and the other wild animals were scared but Victoria was in another room being treated with royalty.

To scare the vet, Washington and the others unzipped. Afterwards, they escaped and went to the Livingstones' home. The vet

After people spotted the wild animals and called animal control, they asked Suzie to go back to the veterinarian clinic and claim back the costumes that they left with the help of Victoria, who was still relaxing.

After being asked, Victoria took the costumes and went into a pet cage. The vet carried the cage and put it in his car. He then drive to the Livingstones' residence when his friend called him to get rid of the wild animals.

Victoria went out and gave the costumes to the Washington and the others and when the Dogcatchers went to the place where they hide, what they saw were the Livingstones' pets. The vet smiled and said that the pets were missing the Livingstones and went back.

Later, Mr. Livingstone said that their home is a great place and therefore, planned a staycation.

Major Characters

Minor Characters

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