Zip Zip is planned to broadcast in these following countries and languages.

NOTE: The US and UK/Ireland territories have been confirmed to soon air the series (as of April 14, 2015), but such networks that will air the series have not been announced.


Country Channel Title Language
United States TBA Zip Zip English

United Kingdom


Zip Zip English
Ireland TBA Zip Zip English
Russia Disney Channel Зип Зип Russian
Latin America Disney Channel Zip Zip US Spanish
Indonesia Spacetoon

Zip Zip


Disney Channel

Zip Zip Portuguese

Disney Channel

France 3

Zip Zip


Germany Super RTL Zip Zip


India Disney Channel Zip Zip English
Israel Disney Channel זיפ זיפ Hebrew
Italy Disney XD Zip Zip Italian
Poland teleTOON+ Zwierzaki-przebieraki Polish
South Korea Disney Channel 지퍼 펫 Korean
Japan Disney Channel Zip Zip Japanese
Australia Disney XD Zip Zip


Philippines Disney Channel Zip Zip English

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